Our systems to monitor, manage and maintain safe people flow through your building, keeping your customers and staff safe. Reduce the need for personnel to manage flow on the door and can cover all doors into the building. We configure, supply and install people counting systems throughout the UK.

Social distancing, along with regular hand washing, have been cited by the UK Government as the key measures to minimise the risk of infection from coronavirus1, with the chief medical office stating that social distancing measures are likely to be needed for the rest of the year.

Current guidance issued to food retailers recommends that entry into premises is regulated so that they do not become overcrowded2 allowing customers and staff to practice social distancing.  As now lockdown measures are being eased by the government it is very likely that this advice will be extended to all retail, leisure and hospitality premises.

Our COVID-19 occupancy systems utilises customer counting sensors  as part of the overall delivery of a COVID secure environment.  Ideal for retail people counting our systems provide a reliable and effective resource to manage people flow and social distancing. 

social distancing occupancy system installed in Dorset, London & across UK
System detects people entering and leaving the building

Managing the visitor capacity of a premises means that every person must be counted in and counted out of the building.  For most premises to provide people counting this means that customers will have to enter and exit via a single entrance, which is likely to make practicing social distancing much harder and also be costly and time consuming particularly when dedicated staff members or security personnel are required to carry this out.  In a premises with a separate entrance and exit or multiple entrances it becomes almost impossible unless a people counting system is employed, however a simple people counting system would still require personnel to restrict visitors from entering.

An intelligent Visitor Density Monitoring Solution provides a cost effective method for real-time people counting capable of providing a live stop/go display for visitors at one or more building entrances/exits to prevent overcrowding and ensure the density inside is low enough to assist with social distancing guidelines.

social distancing occupancy system with multiple customer counting sensors

The Technology

A fixed camera is mounted to a ceiling or wall internally adjacent to each entrance and exit.  Intelligent analytics within the camera are used to identify a person and count them as either entering or exiting.

Software running on a central hardware device or PC/server is then used to monitor the overall number of people within the building allowing for a real time count and stop / go message to be displayed at each entrance for visitors.  The system can even be interfaced to new or existing access control solutions such as pedestrian speed gates.

STOP - COVID-19 occupancy system shows maximum number in building
GO - COVID-19 occupancy system shows safe to enter the building


Custom Fire & Security provide security and safety solutions to a variety of commercial companies, private residential customers, high security critical national infrastructure sites, and public bodies including NHS trust, police, local authority, social care and schools.  Custom Fire & Security offer a range of solutions including temperature screening to assist business and organisations get back to work while keeping their staff and customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Call today on 01202 825065 for more details about our People Counting Monitoring Systems. Custom Fire & Security are installing these COVID-19 occupancy systems locally across Dorset, and also in London & across the UK.


1.gov.uk guidance about coronavirus PPE for non-health and social care settings, published 10/04/20, updated 18/04/20

2.gov.uk guidance for food business on coronavirus (COVID-19) updated 25/04/20