Your intruder alarm external sounder sends a clear message to anyone seeking to break into your home that the property is fitted with an alarm system. You can tell a lot about the effectiveness of a burglar alarm system from the visible box on the outside of the building.

A faded box, or a box from a company that no longer trades, can indicate that the alarm system has not been maintained. A box that is not clearly visible on all public facing aspects of the building may not optimise one of the most effective deterrents – that the property is fitted with a professional alarm system.

Your current box may not be benefiting from the latest technologies in battery life, anti-tampering, flashing LED’s or meeting current environmental health legislation.

Make your alarm system look like new, refresh your visible deterrent and upgrade to the latest in external sounder technology.

The new Custom Fire and Security dual flashing illuminated sounder has been designed and built in the UK to grade 3 high security standard and can be fitted to an existing intruder alarm system*.

For added protection additional decoy boxes that match, can also be fitted on other elevations of your property.

From the outside it will look like a new burglar alarm system, not just making your property look smart, but critically sending a clear message that can be seen both day and night that the property is alarmed.
Call us to find out more – updating your alarm system could not be easier*

*Subject to survey