Discover our full range of integrated solutions

Our solutions -Security and Safety

● CCTV systems delivering evidentially sound imagery

● Local, cloud based or remote server data management

● Intuitive software that enables system growth and flexibility

● Thermal systems to ensure privacy

● Temperature alarms

Fever detection systems

Social distancing management systems

● Hot spot analysis

● Point of Sales Camera detection linked to the till

● Motion detection systems

● Access control systems

● Body cameras – protecting staff

● Vehicle and fleet monitoring

● Shock detection – push or impact

● Keyless entry systems

● Remote access control

● Touch video intercom with recording of intercom activity

● Low power and weatherproof systems that last

Fire detection and prevention

● Temperature alarms

● Hotspot analysis and alarm systems

● Detection of smoking activity in a no smoking zone

● Gas based fire suppressant systems

● Fire alarm system design, commissioning, installation and handover

● Fire alarm installation

● Fire alarm servicing

● Emergency Voice Communication Systems– installation and servicing

● Supply and servicing of fire extinguishers

Management of traffic, parking or congestion

● Access control barriers

● Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

● Environmentally robust CCTV systems

● Intercom systems

● Centralised monitoring systems

● Joined up solutions that enable centralised management and response

Delivering operational Improvements for quality, cost and performance measures

● False alarms reduction

● Alarm verification and two-way audio

● Reduce costs working with us to optimise system requirements with minimum outlay

● Heat mapping, people movement and people counting – enable resources to be efficiently and effectively deployed, anonymity is maintained where required.

● Push notifications for effective management response

● Water leak detection systems

● Software to analyse data including how people are moving around the buildings, areas of peak demand and unauthorised activity, analysing data to support risk reduction plans – ability to evidence improvements and risk reduction

● All products fully compliant and installation and service management compliant to ISO9001

● Systems are scalable and flexible providing lower cost upgrades or changes

● Low operating costs, built to last with low maintenance costs

● All Custom Fire and Security Systems are fully designed to work together for a joined up solution both for one site or multi-site applications

● Cloud based secure access

● Mobile playback for remote self monitoring

● Joined up solutions that enable centralised management and response