An essential element in creating a COVID-secure environment for your staff and customers is to limit the number of people inside the building or an area of your building at any one time to ensure that social distancing may be maintained.

People counting technology
People counting technology from £995 plus VAT

Our technology can help you manage the number of people in your building at any one time and alert you if the numbers represent a risk to social distancing and your COVID secure environment.

Our “People Counting” technology is non-intrusive and is ideally suited to support you, being useful in environments where managing the flow of people is required.  It covers any or all entry and exit points to a building or part of a building, including:

  • Counting the number of people entering and leaving a retail environment, controlling people flow with a highly visible traffic light system
  • Controlling the number of people within a specific area of a building at any one-time, including restroom, canteens, or toilet facilities
  • Managing other areas in the workplace where employees congregate as well as a wide range of establishments including visitor attractions and other venues.

Included in the package as part of the system is a management control panel enabling the system to be configured for the number of people permitted within a defined area.  If capacity is exceeded, the system can alert managers or monitoring staff, through an email address, or via audible alarms on a smartphone or tablet enabling action to be taken to preserve a COVID secure environment.

Our trained engineers can fit the People Counting system within 14 days.  System costs start from £995 ex VAT offering a cost-effective solution rather than deploying staff to monitor people flow.

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