Custom security and safety technology applications – provides a nationwide service in the designing and applying of technology to support keeping your people safe and your property secure.

Our ability to identify and integrate technology combined with our responsive and personal service enables us to deliver effective solutions when and where they are needed to address a specific risk.

Fever detection systems installer Dorset
Fever detection system from Custom Security and Safety Technology

The current global pandemic has impacted on a personal and business level, and as the government starts the process of easing the country back, we recognise that the risks are still ever present and that they need to be managed and mitigated.

Our technology solutions have several applications that can assist:

For businesses

  • Fever detection systems – identifying and alerting if personal indicate the presence of a fever
  • Fever detection access control systems, reducing the risk of person with a fever entering the building
  • Handheld fever detection units
  • Fever detection gateways unobtrusive and non-invasive scanning of personal through a specific point

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For retail and customer-based organisations

  • “People Counting Systems to aid social distancing” systems to control access to your building
  • Reduce the need for a member of staff or a security guard to count people in and out of your building
  • Data recording to monitor and measure the effectiveness of social distancing procedures enabling them to be kept under constant review

Follow this link to find out more about our “People Counting Systems to aid social distancing” Systems>>

As each of our applications is risk and site specific please contact our Technology application specialist Lee Staff on 01202 825065

For maintaining social distancing in toilet areas and washrooms

Businesses have been looking for solutions to manage the flow of people in and out of toilet areas and washrooms to ensure safe distancing is maintained.

The private nature of these facilities is that you don’t know how many people are in there until you enter, which by then may result in a compromise of social distancing.

With medical advice to ensure hands are constantly washed, it is inevitable that your toilet facilities and washrooms will be receiving more traffic than normal.

Introducing Engaged / Vacant indicator system for toilet areas

Suitable for use in both general workplaces and publicly accessible toilets in shops, restaurants and bars etc. The system is designed to help in achieving social distancing requirements in the fight against COVID-19.

The system works by detecting whether the outer door to the facility has been opened and then closed, after which the system checks for movement inside the toilet area. When the toilet area is unoccupied the WC Vacant – green lights will be illuminated. If movement is detected, then the WC Engaged – red lights will be illuminated. The WC Vacant – green lights will only illuminate again after the door has been opened and closed again and no movement is detected inside the toilet area.