Capture HD quality imagery with a professional wireless CCTV system


Utilising IP technology, you can access a wide range of wireless CCTV cameras which can not only capture HD quality imagery, but wirelessly transmit them to a local network, much like a wired IP system. The obvious advantage is that you are no longer restricted by network cabling, as long as you can provide power and a strong wi-fi signal to each security camera you are able to combine each camera into a CCTV system.

Once setup, signals from each security camera can be dealt with in a very similar manner as usual. They can be viewed across the internet, recorded and stored online or as a hard-copy. Although we may not recommend using wireless security cameras to cover a substantial area, we can still utilise this technology in hybrid systems, a mix of both wired and wireless CCTV cameras to fit your requirements.

  • Wirelessly transmit to local networks
  • Less restriction than wired IP systems
  • Capture HD imagery with wireless security cameras
  • Capture high definition imagery with wireless CCTV

We install and maintain home CCTV systems across Poole, Bournemouth, Dorchester, Weymouth, Dorset, Hampshire and the South of the UK.