designing and installing systems that directly address the challenges of rural communities

Operating across the counties of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, we have gained extensive experience in designing and installing security systems that directly address the challenges of rural communities.

Our experience highlights

Isolated properties, farms, outbuilding and industrial premises all present opportunities for offenders who take advantage of often isolated properties, lack of natural surveillance and often older and ineffective security.

At Custom Fire and Security, we can deploy a wide range of security solutions that not only protect the property but also restricts access and provides a visible deterrent.

As a Gate Safe installer, we help our customers to control who comes to their property. We fit gates, bollards and other access control systems – all to high levels of safety and security standards.

Our intruder alarms are designed and installed to a high level of integrity, with early detection of intrusion, low levels of false alarms and the option of being monitored Custom Fire and Security intruder alarm receiving centre (which contacts the police).

In rural areas within Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, police response time may not be as quick as urban areas.  That is why our systems provide a credible deterrent with the option of fully illuminated high volume sounders, exterior lighting and CCTV systems.

New for 2020 is our remote building intruder detection system, ideal for farm security applications, outbuildings, sheds and garages. Using the latest technology, this system will provide protection and notification to the same high standards as a commercial intruder alarm. The design and specifications of the system enable it to be linked to our intruder alarm receiving centre and if required notify the police.

The remote can operate on battery power and be fitted in places where there is no or limited power. This makes it an ideal solution for remote out building, horse security and stable security and other locations where notification of potential criminal activity is required.

Talk to us about your security.  We have been trading for over 35 years, working with many customers living and working in rural Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. We are proud to be protecting them and will be pleased to protect you.

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