Over the past 35 years Custom Fire and Security have been serving the community with their security and safety technology.  Over that time, we have seen many challenges that have implications for our security and safety.  The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is – hopefully – a once in a generation event and one that has affected all our lives and sadly many have lost their lives.

Since we started in 1983, we have fitted safety and security systems into many Public Sector facilities and one area we have been proud to assist is the NHS.  Now more than ever, the NHS is at the forefront of saving lives.  The people who work in it are under immense pressure and their sheer dedication, determination and professionalism is at the front line against defeating the virus and saving lives.

We owe so much to the NHS and it’s staff, and at a time like this we all need to work together to give them every support and assistance and show our appreciation for everything they do and continue to do, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Be assured that throughout this situation our engineers are on call 24/7 for any emergency situation. We have a COVID-19 risk reduction plan to protect our staff and our customers. When you call us we will update you on how we are able to support you and your security and safety system.