Home and Outbuilding Security Blandford, Dorset

Our customer, a high net worth individual, owns a property in the Blandford area, situated in the rural countryside of North Dorset.  Although North Dorset has a lower crime rate than some areas of Dorset, the area does experience dwelling burglaries and a wide range of rural crime including theft from outbuildings, sheds and garages.  In addition, rural farms are also targeted by thieves.  Our customer was searching for home security to protect their outbuildings from potential intruders.

The Brief:

To provide a credible, reliable and effective physical and visible deterrent that would deter potential offenders and respond to any attempt to enter the property by immediately alerting the owner.

The Service

We suggested that the best solution to improve home security in Dorset in a remote area such as Blandford would be to limit access to introduce a physical delay to the property and provide additional time for alarm notification and response.  Our experienced team installed BFT Pillar B 600 rising bollards, which are “fail secure.”  This means that in event of power failure, the bollards default to a secure state, not compromising security and were chosen to provide both physical security and added deterrent value.

To ensure the physical integrity of the outbuildings we installed Hormann sectional automatic garage doors and a pedestrian side door that are Secured by Design accredited.  Secured by Design is a police initiative that tests and approves security products.

We protected the garage with a grade 3 high security intruder alarm system that provides the customer with immediate notifications including the use of a smartphone app.  We provided a truly integrated home security solution so that at the touch of a button the bollards lower or rise, the garage doors open or close automatically and the security system is armed or disarmed – all from the safety and comfort of our customer’s car.

Custom Fire and Security only installs industry leading fully complaint security equipment to ensure our customers have a system that is reliable, effective and deters.

Customer Feedback

Simplicity without compromising security was the key to installing a new home security system in this case.  The Blandford customer wanted comprehensive home security that was easy to use and completely effective.    The owner of the property was very pleased and impressed with the high-quality finish of the installation and its ease of use.