CCTV System Installation for Increased Security

Customer: The Blandford School
Project Manager: Lee Staff

Custom were approached by The Blandford School in Dorset in regards to a new high definition CCTV system. They required cameras with good image quality and low light resolution.

Our brief was to install a Mobotix CCTV system that would cover their new 3G football pitch and provide high quality review images as well as good low light resolution.

“The client required HD images and good low light resolution so we had to find the perfect balance between the two…”

Mobotix provide a decentralised approach to CCTV solutions that allow use of existing network infrastructure and storage.

Mobotix cameras work on the principal of providing better still image quality and eliminating motion blur for better evidential quality recordings with the use of MxPEG codec.

The cameras we installed offer hemispheric 180 lens options to allow for more of scene recording. The system also included free video management software to make using the collected footage much easier.

Equipment used for this project

We installed a Mobotix M25 Single image sensor and an S15 dual image sensor. These cameras will provide the high quality and high resolution low light images they required

Our security solution

We installed the latest in Mobotix CCTV technology so that we could utilise the schools existing network infrastructure and recording to Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers. This dramatically decreased the complexity and cost of the install.